Estate Administration & Settlement

Being solely responsible for all of the requirements necessary to settle an estate can be a grueling and demanding process. Most individuals use a corporate trustee, like Heartland Trust Company, to settle their estate because they do not want to burden family with the many responsibilities required and want to ensure a peaceful distribution of assets to loved ones.

Responsibilities of Estate Administration

When settling your estate Heartland Trust Company assumes several responsibilities:

  • Safeguarding the assets of your estate
  • Hold assets for distribution to heirs and other beneficiaries
  • Paying outstanding debts
  • Contesting improper claims
  • Collecting money owed to the estate
  • Filing estate income tax returns
  • Making decisions about what should or should not be liquidated to cover expenses

Our Estate Administration and Settlement Services

Drawing on years of experience with estate administration, we file the required documents, collaborate with your attorney, creditors and beneficiaries, and deal with any other issues that come up to make the process of settling your estate, or the estate of a loved one, a simple and manageable process.
If you need assistance with administering or settling an estate, call us today at Heartland Trust Company to discuss your estate management needs.

Nick SchommerEstate Administration & Settlement