Investable Asset Management

Owning a business is a never ending stream of making important decisions and assuming various roles and responsibilities. When you have investment needs associated with your business, it can be difficult to allocate the time required to manage the funds effectively.
By partnering with Heartland Trust Company, we give you the freedom to focus on growing your business, while we take on the responsibility of growing your investment assets.

Our Investment Management Services

In order to achieve the results you want, we explore your company’s current financial situation and investment holdings and collaborate with key individuals on your team to get a clear picture of your investment capacities and long-term goals.
Based on the outcome of our preliminary exploration, we create an investment strategy that hinges on the desired rate of return on your investment, as well as your risk tolerance levels.
Along with a detailed and effective strategy, the investment managers at Heartland Trust Company provide all of our clients with personalized options, sound financial advice and client-focused service.

    We work hard to provide our business clients with:

  • Objective and unbiased investment advice
  • Timely information on investment opportunities
  • Positive return on investment (ROI) on their portfolios
  • Peace of mind and security with their investments

If you’d like the freedom of having your business investments managed by experienced professionals, call Heartland Trust Company today.

Nick SchommerInvestable Asset Management