Investment Management

Investing for the future is an excellent financial habit that builds wealth and lays the foundation for financial security. However, if you are like the average person, you are more involved in living your daily life than constantly following up on your investment portfolio. When investing, monitoring and managing your investments for maximum growth and more

IRA Rollovers

Many people wonder what to do with their 401k account when they retire or move to a different job. A rollover IRA to Heartland Trust Company gives you much more control and a great amount of investment options to meet your unique needs and goals. Call us today so we can start the process of more

Retirement Planning

When it comes to retirement, failing to plan means planning to fail. Creating and sticking to an effective retirement saving plan is the difference between retiring with dignity and security and struggling to make ends meet in what should be the golden years of your life. Unfortunately, the vast majority of Americans do not plan more

Financial Planning

Without a plan, how do you know where you are going? Are you worried about the future and if the decisions you are making today will lead to a better tomorrow for you and your family? Do you have a written plan for managing and investing your savings? How sure are you that you’re making more

Trust Administration

When thinking about transferring your wealth, it is important to formalize a plan for how to allocate your wealth when the time comes. Working with your attorney, we can translate your goals and wishes into a legally binding document. This is important because without advanced planning, transferring wealth to a loved one can create strife more

Charitable Gift Planning

If you enjoy supporting causes and charities and donate on a regular basis but want to ensure that you maximize assets for your future beneficiaries, Charitable Gift Planning with Heartland Trust Company can help you to achieve all of those goals simultaneously. Charitable Gift Planning Benefits By planning your gift giving properly, you can donate more

Estate Administration & Settlement

Being solely responsible for all of the requirements necessary to settle an estate can be a grueling and demanding process. Most individuals use a corporate trustee, like Heartland Trust Company, to settle their estate because they do not want to burden family with the many responsibilities required and want to ensure a peaceful distribution of more

Estate Planning

When you want to ensure the financial future and well-being of your family, estate planning is an invaluable process. It is never too early to plan your estate and it is prudent to have a will if you want to have a say in how your hard earned assets are passed to the next generation. more

Unique Asset Management

Mutual funds, stocks and bonds make up most traditional investment portfolios. However, there is another significant portion of investments known as unique assets Unique Assets include items such as: Personal Real Estate Commercial Real Estate Mineral Interests Farms and Ranches Life Insurance Trust Private Businesses Private Equity Hedge Funds Collectibles These kinds of assets are more