Unique Asset Management

Mutual funds, stocks and bonds make up most traditional investment portfolios.

However, there is another significant portion of investments known as unique assets
Unique Assets include items such as:

  • Personal Real Estate
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Mineral Interests
  • Farms and Ranches
  • Life Insurance Trust
  • Private Businesses
  • Private Equity
  • Hedge Funds
  • Collectibles

These kinds of assets are just as important to manage properly as more traditional investment options. They require constant attention to maintain and increase their value in order to provide positive returns for their owners.

Our Unique Asset Management Services

When the time comes and you feel you can no longer manage your assets on your own, or simply do not want to, Heartland Trust Company can step in and manage your unique assets.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Assuming responsibility for unique assets during the management term
  • Having valuations done on collectibles and similar items
  • Distributing assets as directed by the owner
  • Selling personal belongings to liquidate assets

Whether you need assistance with your current unique asset management or you’d like to make preparations for the future, call us today at Heartland Trust Company and let’s discuss your options.

Nick SchommerUnique Asset Management