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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At Heartland Trust Company, we believe it is critical to comply with the laws and regulations
designed to secure your financial privacy. Outlined below are the policies and practices that we
have established to respect the financial privacy of all our clients.

1. We do not sell your personal information to anyone. We do not share your personal
information with third parties for marketing purposes. We do not sell your personal or
account information to third parties for any reason. We will only release information about
you if you direct us to do so, if by law we are compelled to do so, or in other legally limited

2. We safeguard your personal information. We have established security standards and
procedures to prevent access to client information by maintaining physical, electronic and
procedural safeguards to guard client information. We educate our employees about the
importance of confidentiality and client privacy and will take appropriate disciplinary
measures to enforce employee responsibilities regarding client information.

3. We do collect personal information in the normal course of business in order to
administer your account(s). We collect information that you provide us when setting up an
account. We may disclose personal information to other service providers we deal with in
the normal course of business to administer your account such as our trust accounting
service provider.
4. If you end your relationship with us, we will continue to adhere to the privacy policies and
practices described in this notice.

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