Upgrades to Your Online Account

We wanted to follow up on some information you may have received earlier this summer.

If you have a trust, agency, IRA, or investment account with Heartland Trust Company, you have the ability to access your account online. AccuNet, the vendor we use to establish this online account, has upgraded its website. In July, an email was sent prompting you to log into your account through the new site. This email is legitimate.

In that email, you were provided a link that takes you to the login page and instructions on how to access your account information.

If you have not done so yet, please do this. You can no longer access your account information through the old site.

We believe you will find the new website to be more robust, easier to manage, and full of new information you may find valuable.

If you have any questions or need assistance doing this, please call us at 701.235.2002.

Heartland TrustUpgrades to Your Online Account

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