We Strive to Serve You Well

In an effort to stay engaged with those we serve, we are excited to launch our new company newsletter. We hope we can provide some insightful information to simplify your life, whether you’re tapping into your IRA accounts, administering a 401(k) plan, being named the beneficiary of a trust, or thinking about how to pass on the farmland to your kids.

The years have passed quickly but it is always fun for me to take a look back. In 1990, we opened our doors with two people; today we have grown to a staff of 20. The staff has evolved into areas of specialty that include investments, charitable planning, retirement planning, tax management, 401(k) administration, real estate management, and, of course, trust administration. Today our business is divided into three categories: wealth management (IRAs and investment accounts), trust administration, and 401(k) administration.

We continue to emphasize “being passionate and getting involved,” whether it is at the local or national level. Many of our team members volunteer their time on boards of non-profits or on community commissions. Recently, Brian Halverson, Vice President, was elected to the national board of directors of the Association of Trust Organizations at their annual meeting in Washington, D.C.

As our business evolves and our team grows, the dominant theme that drives our daily activity is Clients First. Our business is one of being a fiduciary. This means that all of our actions and decisions are focused on how they will benefit our clients, not ourselves. Being a “fee only” independent financial services provider helps us eliminate conflicts of interest brought on by commission-based products or pressure from a parent company. Therefore, the decisions we make daily are only influenced by working toward achieving our clients’ goals.

I am eternally grateful for the clients who have been willing to come on this journey with us. From the beginning, we knew that we had an uphill battle to be successful. We have never been part of a bigger organization that could help us grow, nor have we acquired any other businesses. We are proud to have built honest, long-standing relationships based on trust, one client at a time.

As we continue to grow and look into the future, our values (service, character, togetherness, respect, integrity) will provide the foundation for how we serve our clients, community, and team members.

Steve HalversonWe Strive to Serve You Well