More Than a Trust Company

Before I joined Heartland Trust Company, I knew about its great reputation in our community and throughout the region. I admired this award-winning organization and its dedicated people, but like many others, I also thought the company only managed trusts. After all, the name is Heartland TRUST Company.

That said, managing trusts is only one part of what HTC does each and every day to serve and advocate for the clients entrusted to our care.

Investment accounts

A significant part of our business is devoted to investment accounts like the ones people might have with Fidelity, Edward Jones, Merrill Lynch, Ameriprise, or Wells Fargo Investments. Like these companies, we manage portfolios of stocks, bonds, and more for your retirement, education, and/or other purposes.

But unlike all of those other companies, we choose to adopt the trust fiduciary standard. This means we apply the industry’s highest financial, ethical, and legal standards to all of the services we provide for our clients. We always act in our client’s best interest, even on non-trust investment accounts.

According to a national survey, over 85 percent of investors believe their broker or advisory is a fiduciary who is required to act in a client’s best interest. Truth is, less than 6 percent are.

Because we are a fiduciary, our clients can have peace of mind and confidence knowing that they will have the opportunity to experience better outcomes. Why? We avoid inherent conflicts of interest by not accepting commissions from mutual funds, banks, and insurance companies that negatively impact clients return. We do not have any hidden fees and are independent. As a result, we offer our clients the best products and services in the industry without compromise.

401(k) rollovers

Another part of our business comes from 401(k) rollovers. Retirement planning and saving are among the top priorities for our clients. Why leave your retirement accounts, ESOP, 403(b), or pensions with an organization once you have left its employment?

Employer-sponsored retirement plans are very beneficial to building up your retirement assets, but almost all employer-sponsored retirement plans have limited options available. They do not provide the local, holistic planning, care, and services that HTC provides every day.

Many people also struggle to effectively manage different retirement accounts. We can help you consolidate your balances for easier management, enable clearer understand of account holdings, and facilitate better overall planning.

Small business 401(k) plans

Small business 401(k) plans represent another of segment of our business. One phone call to an HTC retirement plan expert is all it takes to answer your questions.

We manage everything from employee meetings to portfolio offerings, IRS filings and asset transfers, so you can focus your time and energy on growing the business. With our 401(k) expertise and our comprehensive management of 401(k) rollovers, we know all the ins and outs and are truly retirement experts.


And, of course, we are honored to provide the most trusted and highest level of financial and ethical care when we manage trusts for the benefit of our clients and their families. We take the worry out of caring for loved ones who are in need of financial assistance. This allows family, friends, and others to focus on what is truly important, caring for their loved one.

We provide transparent, expert guidance and hands-on experience to do what is right. We follow the wishes and honor the legacy of our clients by always striving to keep families and finances together. We work closely with families to ensure we are there when we are needed the most.

To our current clients, thank you for the trust and confidence you have placed in us. It is a responsibility we take very seriously and one we are honored to have earned. If you are not a client yet, why not?

If you know of someone who could use the personal care and expertise of HTC, please let us know. We are always available to help family, friends, and loved ones.

Jon BensonMore Than a Trust Company