Office Remodeling Project Complete

If you stopped by Heartland Trust Company this summer, you probably saw our mess. Our office underwent a full remodel, adding new carpet, paint, building updates, and several new offices to accommodate our growing staff. Half of the building was done at a time, leaving space at a premium at times. We pulled through and everything was done in about 12 weeks.

Heartland TrustOffice Remodeling Project Complete
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A Simplified Mission

Our mission statement is clear and simple: “to provide a lifelong commitment to the well-being of those we serve.” Living out the spirit of that mission is more complex.

As a trust company, we offer guidance whether you are saving for retirement, living in retirement, or needing to follow a document after a triggering event occurs. That said, we know that each person has his or her own definition of well-being. We carefully listen to make sure we understand your definition.

Jace GilleshammerA Simplified Mission
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Upgrades to Your Online Account

We wanted to follow up on some information you may have received earlier this summer.

If you have a trust, agency, IRA, or investment account with Heartland Trust Company, you have the ability to access your account online. AccuNet, the vendor we use to establish this online account, has upgraded its website. In July, an email was sent prompting you to log into your account through the new site. This email is legitimate.

In that email, you were provided a link that takes you to the login page and instructions on how to access your account information.

Heartland TrustUpgrades to Your Online Account
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How can I crack down on robocalls?

You may not mind a robocall if it provides a helpful announcement from your child’s school or an appointment reminder from a doctor’s office. But sadly, criminals often use robocalls to collect consumers’ personal information and/or conduct various scams. Newer “spoofing” technology displays fake numbers to make it look as though calls are local, rather than coming from overseas. This can trick more people into answering the phone.

Robocalls have been illegal since 2009 (unless the telemarketer has the consumer’s prior consent). In mid-2017, federal agencies announced they are ramping up enforcement by fining violators and encouraging blocking technologies. What should you do if you want to help put an end to this nuisance?

Broadridge Investor Communication SolutionsHow can I crack down on robocalls?
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Ordering Your Affairs

Ole bravely took the news
From his old M.D..
The doctor hemmed & hawed a bit,
Then said, “Just look at me.
I’ve been your friend these many years
And this is what I see.

Heartland TrustOrdering Your Affairs
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Keeping Things Personal

In a world that is becoming faster all the time, there is a tendency to lose a sense of connection or personal interaction.

For example, the personal banking industry makes it easy for us to forgo a visit to the bank to make a deposit or withdrawal, pay a bill, or sign a document. We hear in professional sports, “it was a business decision, nothing personal.”

Jace GilleshammerKeeping Things Personal
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Building Trust in Our Business

People often say the one constant in our lives is change. This has certainly been true in the financial industry. It’s hard to keep track of who’s who and who’s where. What is the bank or insurance company’s new name? Which broker is with which firm, and in which office are they located?

This leads to the big question: How can their clients receive the personal attention they deserve?

Just a reminder: As our organization continues to grow, we are still the original Heartland Trust Company. We are still independent, still locally owned, and still headquartered in Fargo. We set our own policies, make our own decisions, and answer our own phones. All of our employees live in, participate in, and support our local communities.

Jace GilleshammerBuilding Trust in Our Business
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We Strive to Serve You Well

In an effort to stay engaged with those we serve, we are excited to launch our new company newsletter. We hope we can provide some insightful information to simplify your life, whether you’re tapping into your IRA accounts, administering a 401(k) plan, being named the beneficiary of a trust, or thinking about how to pass on the farmland to your kids.

The years have passed quickly but it is always fun for me to take a look back. In 1990, we opened our doors with two people; today we have grown to a staff of 20. The staff has evolved into areas of specialty that include investments, charitable planning, retirement planning, tax management, 401(k) administration, real estate management, and, of course, trust administration. Today our business is divided into three categories: wealth management (IRAs and investment accounts), trust administration, and 401(k) administration.

Steve HalversonWe Strive to Serve You Well
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