30 Years: Our Core Culture Has Stayed The Same

Well, HTC has passed another milestone – 30 years.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is still true that two out of three start-up businesses, with employees, will only last two years and about half of the remaining ones will last five years. I guess we can say we made it.

With a milestone like that, we should have a big celebration but due to the Covid situation, we have not really had a chance to celebrate.

After 30 years of history, a lot has changed and a lot has stayed the same at Heartland Trust Company. Obviously, the Covid-19 virus has caused us to make some very radical changes. We have kiddingly said that in two short months we adopted technology changes that normally would have taken five years to implement. Also, some new words and concepts have crept into our everyday language. For example, the idea of a virtual or Zoom meeting was a rare thought a year ago but in today’s world, it seems to be an almost daily event.

Steve Halverson30 Years: Our Core Culture Has Stayed The Same
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We Strive to Serve You Well

In an effort to stay engaged with those we serve, we are excited to launch our new company newsletter. We hope we can provide some insightful information to simplify your life, whether you’re tapping into your IRA accounts, administering a 401(k) plan, being named the beneficiary of a trust, or thinking about how to pass on the farmland to your kids.

The years have passed quickly but it is always fun for me to take a look back. In 1990, we opened our doors with two people; today we have grown to a staff of 20. The staff has evolved into areas of specialty that include investments, charitable planning, retirement planning, tax management, 401(k) administration, real estate management, and, of course, trust administration. Today our business is divided into three categories: wealth management (IRAs and investment accounts), trust administration, and 401(k) administration.

Steve HalversonWe Strive to Serve You Well
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