30 Years – Neuropsychiatric Building

Heartland Trust Company turned 30 this year, and we’ve accumulated a bit of history. Each quarterly newsletter this year will have a feature on one of our old locations.
After about five years in the Lightowler Johnson space, the ever-expanding company was in need of more space once again. HTC found that space a couple of blocks away – the top floor at 120 South Eighth Street. The first floor was home to the Neuropsychiatric Research Institute (NRI).

At this Eighth Street location, HTC grew from six employees to 10 employees. There were more offices and meeting rooms. The space also had an actual receptionist desk, which was a major upgrade. Prior to this, whoever wasn’t busy greeted anyone who opened the door.

After HTC moved out, MeritCare (now Sanford Health) took over the space.

Tune in next quarter for the final installment of HTC’s former locations.

Heartland Trust30 Years – Neuropsychiatric Building

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