Trusts Built Trust

Next year – 2020 – will mark 30 years that Heartland Trust Company has served our community.

As you might know, we started our business by managing trusts, serving as trustee for the benefit of our clients and their beneficiaries. And over the decades, these trusts led to your trust – and our growth.

Today, we still do trusts, but our largest group of account types includes IRAs and investment accounts. We also set up and manage 401(k) plans for businesses.

By offering these services, we can help our clients plan for the best retirement years possible, even if it is years before retirement. Those retirement dreams vary by individual, which is why we start every conversation with one simple question:

  1. What lifestyle or goals do you have in mind for retirement?
  2. Once that question is answered, we start to work on the other details:

  3. How should your money be invested to reach your goals and maintain your lifestyle?
  4. How should your finances be managed in the most tax efficient manner to last for the next 20-30-40+ years?
  5. What does Social Security look like?

What hasn’t changed in 30 years is that you can trust us to do what is best for you and your goals. After all, we are a fiduciary of the highest standard and we’ve proven it through the decades.

Trusts are where we started, but it’s the trust you have in us that will allow us to serve you another 30 years.

Jace GilleshammerTrusts Built Trust

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