Be Present; Be Great

After my grandmother’s funeral in early August, the message from Pastor Corey Bjertness stuck with
me: “Achieving meaningful greatness comes from having good character and consistently being
present.” In our family life, meaningful greatness is not achieved by working long hours so your kids can
have the fanciest toys or electronics. In our work life, it’s not achieved through a grand marketing plan
or a single transaction.

Meaningful greatness is achieved by consistently being present.

When it comes to family, there are things we don’t want to miss: T-ball games, summer vacations, piano
recitals, and more. There are also those small moments you don’t realize you miss.

Shortly after my grandmother’s funeral, when Pastor Corey’s message was still fresh in my mind, I
recognized one of those small moments. We were at the lake and it was 9 p.m.; I was swimming with my
kids and three nieces. They all wanted me to throw them off the dock. I initially said “no” because I had
done this countless times throughout the day, and that’s when Pastor Corey’s message hit me. I realized
I was going home the next morning to work and they were all staying for the rest of the week. I quickly
changed my mind and spent the next 30 minutes being “present.” The kids might never remember that
moment, but I will. Someday, I hope all those small things add up to something worthy in their eyes.

Next year, 2020, marks Heartland Trust Company’s 30th year in business. We are all very proud of this
milestone. Heartland Trust is not the glitziest or loudest shop; we don’t want to be. For the past three
decades, we’ve been consistently truthful, transparent, trustworthy, and use our values to deliver
quality financial results. We pride ourselves on being present with you and all whom we serve.

Jace GilleshammerBe Present; Be Great

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