A Message of Thanksgiving

By Maureen Jelinek, COO

By Maureen Jelinek, COO

In light of the global events surrounding us, it’s crucial to pause and contemplate the blessings in our lives. Looking back over the past year, I’ve found numerous reasons to be thankful.

During the summer of 2022, Heartland Trust Company reached out to me about a new Chief Operating Officer position. I found the role intriguing, and during our discussions, I realized how eager I was to pursue this position. I consider myself fortunate to have become part of the Heartland Trust Company Family on December 1, 2022.

The Heartland Trust team has warmly welcomed me, and I’ve enjoyed establishing connections and learning from each of them.  They’ve provided me the flexibility to accompany my mom to appointments and to support my kids in their activities, allowing for true work-life integration.

In April, my mom unexpectedly passed away, resulting in a profound loss. However, I’m extremely grateful for the quality time I was able to spend with her over these last few years. Having the Heartland team as a resource for questions, has proven very beneficial in navigating the process of settling her estate.     

My son, Jack, qualified for the national weightlifting competition in Colorado Springs in June. Given my recent start date and the time off I had taken following my mother’s passing, I initially hesitated to request more time off. However, Brian Halverson and others were incredibly supportive and encouraged me to be there for Jack. We had an amazing time cheering him on, creating lasting memories, and contributing to his incredible experience.

I deeply appreciate the family culture at Heartland Trust Company, which aligns perfectly with my values of integrity, togetherness, and service. Nearly a year into my journey with the company, I can confidently say that I feel right at home.   

Heartland TrustA Message of Thanksgiving

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